Star Wars Puzzles

Here's a neat set of puzzles featuring a Star Wars theme. Now these are direct rip offs of Star Wars characters of scenes. But when ya see them, I think you'll agree that Star Wars is the intended target. 

Yikes! It's Darth Vader! Oh, wait a minute. That only sorta looks like Darth Vader. Just dig those horns coming outta his helmet. 
Hey! Those ships in the foreground sure do look familiar.


Well, this could be Luke and Leia. If ya can picture Leia with blonde hair and those buns on the side of her head missing. 



Is this R2D2 or just another droid model? Anybody heard of a astromech droid model that has two antenna sticking out of its head?
Hmmm, I wonder if the droid is being hunted by those guys in the background. Or is the droid blazing a trail for them?



Well, this ship certainly is a little out of place if we believe that this set of puzzles is based on the Classic Star Wars trilogy. 
Of course, this ship could be based on Episode One. Don't ya think?


Here's the deal with these puzzles. First, they are produced under the line of Beneficial Puzzle. I think that the manufacturere is called Hang Sing. There are forty eight pieces in each puzzle. The puzzles themselves measure 15" X 9". 
I have some Star Wars knock offs that are produced under the name Star Attack. Those toys feature artwork on the card that is pretty similar to the artwork on the puzzles. So I wonder if the bootleggers of the Star Attack toys were bootlegged themselves. 
Now the neat thing about this set of puzzles is that they can be placed together to form one big scene. Check it out:

Okay, so I didn't line them up. That's supposed to be the Death Star in the center of the scene. I don't know what you think, but I think that this is pretty cool looking. 
By the way, I wasn't fortunate enough to locate these puzzles myself. They turned up in the Land Of A 10,000 lakes. Thanks Linda!

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