Star Wars Six Pack

This set of bootleg Episode One toys features some small Star Wars figures. But the thing is, they all come on an unusual card. 

Well the pic above shows a square EP1 card with the Star Wars EP1 logo and Darth Maul. But the card measures  about 10.5" X 7". Not the size of your average EP1 card, eh?
Now take a look at the card back. As usual, no trademarks or copyrights anywhere. These toys are mounted on a C3PO card. The card back looks just like your regular EP1 card back. 

Well, here are two of the "six packs". The set on the right is one I picked up in a trade with John Alvarez (Thanks John!). The only one I ever saw here in So. California is on the left. The set I picked up from John showed up on the east cost of the U.S.
Quite frankly, these figures look an awful lot like the key chains I have posted elsewhere on the site. Only thing is, these sets of toys turned up here in the states. The key chains were located in Singapore. 
Are these figures based on the same molds as the keychains? or is it just a coincidence that they look an awful lot like each other? 
By the way, the bubble that the figures on the left are mounted under is not glued to the card. Instead, the bootleggers stapled the card to the package. Go back up and take a look at the first pic on this page to see the staples. 
Last thing, notice the card in the background? This card has pics of the first three waves of EP1 figures pictured on the front. 


Here are pics of a few figures in this set. Mace Windu looks like he might be on speed. Qui-Gonn doesn't come with his light saber. These figures are actually not too bad when you consider the scale that they are made to. The figures measure about two to three inches in height. No articulation at all. These are basically little statures.


Boy, I tell ya. The bootleggers must have a hard time painting such small figures. Get a load of Darth Maul. If ya think he's shabby looking, then take a peek at Anakin and Jar Jar.


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