Episode One Sith Speeder

Okay, here is an odd Star Wars EP1 bootleg toy. I only have one of these figures in this series. But it appears to me that there may be at least six different figures. Take a look...

Okay, it looks like a typical EP1 card right? But on the top right corner is an item and a packing number. The item & packing numbers are actually hand written in. Just looking at the pic, you can all ready see that something is wrong with the bubble. 

Below, is the toy. What's this? Qui-Gonn is riding a Sith Speeder? No way Jose! Well, the picture doesn't lie. 

Below is a close up of Qui-Gonn. This pic really doesn't do the figure justice. The paint job on this guy is actually pretty bad. The figure would stand about five inches tall more or less. The speeder is about four inches high and five and a half inches long. 


This thing is located in the bottom right corner of the bubble. What is it? It's the bottom half of Qui-Gonn's jedi vest. I've looked this thing over and over and I just cannot figure out how to attach this to Qui-Gonn.

Now get a load of the card back. It is completely original. The bootleggers changed the logo around a little bit. The star burst is now a nice yellow color instead of the red we are familiar with. 
Get a load of all the other figures that I think were produced in this bootleg series. All the figures are shown riding a different colored speeder. Now I doubt if the speeders were actually produced in this color. After all, the Qui-Gonn figure I have is riding a brown Sith Speeder. The Qui-Gonn pictured on the card back is shown atop a yellow Sith Speeder. 
What characters may have been produced? Obi-Wan, Qui-Gonn, Anakin, Queen Amidala, Darth Maul and C3PO. For some reason, the bootleggers have labeled C3PO as a Battle Droid. 
Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if all of the wave one figures pictured on the bottom of the card were produced in this bootleg toy series. 
And if anybody has these, I would love to trade for them. You can email me by clicking HERE.


Added 1/01/00
Here are a couple more Sith Speeder bootleg toys. These were sent to me by one VERY COOL toy collector named Alan Munguia. Alan just gave them to me! Didn't ask for anything in return. He just gave them to me! And Wait'll you see the other toys he hooked me up with. 
FYI, this particular bootleg toy line is showing up in the Phillippine Islands. I wouldn't be surprised if they are also showing up in Brazil and other South American countries.
I don't think I need to ID them for ya. But the figure on the left is Anakin Skywalker. On the right is C3PO. The only difference between these two toys and the Qui-Gonn pictured above is the Star Wars sticker that is on the back of the speeder.



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