Episode One Wind Up Toys Wave One

It seems that there are tons and tons of bootleg Star Wars toys turning up in Singapore and Hong Kong. That is where these particular toys came from. At least that is where they are being sold. The toys are manufactured probably in Taiwan or China. 
I gotta tell ya, the detail of these toys is incredible. Although the wind up mechanism can suck on some of these toys. 


Here is one of the two Anakin Skywalker wind up toys. This wind up toy measures about three inches tall. 

Everybody's favorite character, Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar also is three inches tall. The bootleggers even have him carrying some kind of a weapon.

This Watto wind up toy is probably my favorite of the bunch. The bootleggers certainly did catch all the detail of this character.

This battle damaged Battle Droid is one of the two in this wind up toy series. Like all the other wind ups, this toy is three inches tall (anybody see a trend here?).

This is one of the four Darth Maul wind up toys. That light sabre sure looks like a lip stick holder to me.

The last wind  up in this first wave is Sebulba. Like all the other toys in this series, Sebulba stands three inches tall.
Okay, now I mentioned that these toys were found in Singapore and Hong Kong. I don't think that these toys are being imported to the states yet. But if you are feeling lucky, there is a chance that you can find them here in the United States.  
If ya live in a city that has a Chinatown area. Or an area that has a large Chinese immigrant population, then you may wanna check around there. I found quite a few of these wind up toys myself in a city near where I live. 
If you do decide to goto Chinatown to look for these toys, then I suggest you check the gift shops, video stores or book stores for these toys. I found most of these in a gift shop and a couple of others in a book store in Monterey Park, California. There are seventeen wind up toys in this series. I will be posting pics of the rest of them shortly.

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