Episode One Wind Up Toys Wave Two

It seems that there are tons and tons of bootleg Star Wars toys turning up in Singapore and Hong Kong. That is where these particular toys came from. At least that is where they are being sold. The toys are manufactured probably in Taiwan or China. 
I gotta tell ya, the detail of these toys is incredible. Although the wind up mechanism can suck on some of these toys. 

This Battle Droid is the second in this series. Unlike the other Battle Droid, this one is completely silver. This wind up toy measures about three inches tall. 

The bootleggers managed to get some terrific detail in this Qui-Gonn Jinn walker. 

C3PO is probably the most detailed wind up in this bootleg series. Lots of colors! 

I don't understand why a gold Darth Maul wind up was produced. But here it is. Waddaya think?

There are two Queen Amidal wind ups in this series. This one, in my opinion, isn't as nice as the second Queen Amidala.

Aw, this is more like it! This wind up Darth Maul is in the same pose as the gold Darth Maul pictured above. Only this time, the bootleggers got the paint job right!
Well, this is the second wave of wind up bootlegs that are currently being sold in Singapore, Hong Kong and maybe Japan. There are five more wind ups in this series. Keep an eye out, they will be up soon!

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