Righteousness Fighter RoboCop

Here's a bootleg that came out back in the early 90s. It's actually a pretty cool bootleg Robocop toy. Take a look..

The bootleggers didn't even bother changing the name of this toy. Well, actually, in small text above Robocop are the words "Righteousness Fighter". What are some of the features of this toy? How about 
Eyes With Lamp
4 Kinds Of IC Sound
Automatic Opening Gun Holder
Ability to change attitude freely
Man, after reading all these wonderful features, ya can understand why I just had to add this toy to my collection.

Here's part of the play instructions on the side of the box. The arm is the switch that controls the robot features. The darn thing actually works as advertised.
The back of the box features some familiar Robocop artwork. Maybe the bootleggers were in cahoots with the bootleggers who made the famous Robert Cop bootleg toy elsewhere on this site.
By the way, the box measures in at 14" X 6.5" X 3".


This is actually a pretty good interpretation of RoboCop. The gun that is hidden in his leg and pops out with the push of a button is a great little gimmick. The gun can be removed from his leg and inserted into his right hand pretty easily.

Lessee, Robocop stands 11" tall and has 12 points of articulation. For a bootleg toy, this thing is actually pretty well made. I applaude the bootleggers for bringing this Robocop creation into existence. "Clap! Clap!"