Well, this time around the bootleggers twisted Tarzan's name on the package. These toys were sent to me from Brazil by my buddy Jorge. Like other bootleg toys in Brazil, these suckers come on some mighty compact cards. 


Like I mentioned above, these cards are smaller than what you would normally find in a toy store. The card that Tarsan is mounted on measures in at 8" X 5.5". The bubble can be crushed pretty easily. Tarsan's lone accessory is an animal. 


Both of the figures I have in this series actually sport pretty good paint jobs. The lone accessory is that bright yellow two inch leopard.
Take a look at the leopard's head. There's a little plastic circle attached to the top of the head. Looks like the leopard could have originally been a keychain.

The other figure has a different hairdo. I think that this could be the Tarzan with Battle Action Baboons. The real toy features Tarzan and two baboons. This bootleg toy only comes with one baboon. The baboon also looks like it was a keychain in it's first life. 


Well, I suspect that there are more bootleg figures in this Tarsan series. But these ought to be enough to whet your appetites. The figures stand about six inches in height. They sport articulation at the neck, arms and legs. 
Y'know, I am suprised that I haven't seen any other bootleg toys featuring the name Tarsan. I mean, that's soooo obvious a name for the bootleggers use for the Tarzan series of bootleg toys.