Tarzan Bootleg Figures

These bootleg Tarzan figures popped up in Canada. I managed to work a trade to add them to my collection(thanks Devon!). Like the other Tarzan figures on this site, these toys are based on the original molds that were used for the Tarzan figures you can find in your local toy store.



As you can see from the pics above, the toys look pretty much like the ones you can find anywhere. But unlike a "real" toy, the bubble is very fragile and can be smashed pretty easily. The card the figures are mounted on measures 11" X 8.5". The bootleggers actually managed to put a different insert into each figure that correctly identifies the figures. This actually something that is pretty rare in bootleg toys. Usually, the bootleggers just slap the same insert for all the figures when they even bother to place an insert in the package. 
Based on the picture on the card back, there appear to be ten different figures in this bootleg toy series. I am missing the ones with the leopard. 
Get this! Not only is there english printing on this card, there are a total of ten different languages on the card. WoW!
A quick note about the figure pictured above. The green stand that is included for Tarzan to stand on is supposed to be a pull back toy. But the bootleggers didn't put any wheels on the bottom of the stand. 

This first figure is Fire Power Clayton. He comes with a rifle and a gorilla target. I suppose that he probably has some variation in his paint job. Probably the pants color are different from the "real" toy.

Here is Tarzan's pal, Terk. The bootleggers really couldn't mess up this figure. He is basically made out of purple plastic. 
Terk comes with a see saw made out of a log and tree stump.


Jane! Jane! Jane! What did Disney do to you? They should have made ya a knock out! 
Y'know, I don't think a Jane action figure was made. This figure could be based on the bendable Jane. Unlike the other figures in this series, Jane has absolutely no articulation.


This Tarzan figure comes with "Pounce Action!". He actually comes with two separate vines that the snake is entwined around. 
Based on the picture on the back of the card, I would guess that the vines should actually be a lighter green color.


Tarzan's reluctant step dad Kerchak. This figure's tongue is actually painted purple. 
Kerchak comes with a dark brown log and a green branch for accessories.


This is the Baboon Battle Action Tarzan. Tarzan comes with a stand, knife and a couple of leafy thingamabobs. 



Normally, I find bootleg toys that are almost exactly like their real counterparts kinda boring. But this particular set is really pretty neat! The bootleggers have put together a wide variety of characters and actually identified the characters correctly. Still, these toys probably wouldn't be safe for kids to play with.