Disney's Tarzan Bootleg Toys 


Here we are at the end of summer '99  and finally the Tarzan bootlegs have started to arrive. 
This particular line of bootlegs features three different packages of toys. Two of these bootleg packages includes five figures. While the third package has only four figures.Now you may think wow! A whole bunch of different Tarzan figures are in this series. But unfortunately, there is not as much variety as you would think. Check out the pics below....


Here is the toy line name. As you can see, the artwork and the Tarzan logo have been ripped off completely. 
The card measures 11.5" X 7.5". It includes a child hazard warning. Missing are any trademarks or copyrights (naturally).

Here are the first five figures. Two Tarzan figures, Kala, Baby Baboon and Sabor are included. 


Well, here are the same two Tarzan figures as in the package above, along with the Baby Baboon, Kerchak and Jane.


This last four pack features two Tarzan figures, Terk and Tantor. Not included in this pack is the Baby Baboon. Funny thing is, the bubble is formed so that the Baby Baboon cannot be included with these figures. While in the two previous packages, the bubble has a space included for the Baby Baboon.

Here is a close up of Tarzan and the Baby Baboon. 
Tarzan stands about 3.5" tall. His hair, instead of being a light brown color, is now dark brown. Tarzan's briefs are now painted green.I don't remember seeing this particular Tarzan in any packages that I have seen.


Here are Jane and the other Tarzan figure. There are some differences in the paint job of these bootleg figures when compared to the real figures. Jane's eyes are painted black instead of blue, her stockings are dark green instead of light green. And the bow on her dress is now reddish instead of purple.
This Tarzan figure also has darker hair than the real Tarzan. Also, bootleg Tarzan's briefs are a different shade of brown.


These figures are based on the molds for the figures used in the boxed Tarzan giftsets. There are several different giftsets in the stores right now. The bootleggers have mixed and matched the figures to suit their needs. 
The "Real" figures are much larger in scale than these bootleg toys. Also, the authentic figures are "poseable". The bootleg figures are made of a rubber like material and can almost be posed. The figure's limbs can be bent, but they return right back to their original position.
This is actually a pretty good bootleg toy. The quality of the paint job is substandard. But the packaging is quite good and the figures, while not having much in terms of articulation are quite playable. If ya ask me, this toy set will definitely fool young kids easily.