Okay, I wasn't gonna put these figures on my web site. Ever!!! But I had a change of heart. I'm putting these toys up only because I see so many unauthorized Teletubbies items out there. So this children's television show must have captured somebody's imagination if the bootleggers are making tons and tons of Teletubbies things. Now you gotta understand, there are some lines of toys that I don't like. So occasionally I will see a bootleg toy of a toy line I am not too fond of. I may or may not pick up the toys. Sometimes I do just because it happens to be a bootleg that I can add to my collection. 
Anyways, here are two small examples of Teletubbies bootleg toys. The bootleggers have called this line of toys Telebabies. Check out the artwork on the card the figures come on. Now if this isn't a Teletubbies rip off, then I don't know what is. 


Okay, the card the figures come on measures about 9" X 7.5". The figures themselves measure about three inches tall. These figures have no real articulation. And yes, they are as hideous as the real Teletubbies are. 
This first set of figures match the colors of the Teletubbies. 


Now the above figures came out right before Christmas of 1998. Just in time to capitalize on the Teletubies phenomenom. This second set of figures came out in March of 1999. When I first saw them, I thought that only the color scheme of the figures had been changed. I was wrong. Check out the pic and compare it to the first set of Telebabies. 


Now I didn't notice it until I brought these toys home. But it sure looks like the bootleggers have a sense of humor. The Telebabies are acting out the song YMCA by the Village People. Heck! The letters Y, M, C, and A are on top of the heads of these figures. I think this is freaking funny!!! In my opinion, this set of Telebabies is the better of the two different sets I have. 
Well, that's it for Teletubbies bootlegs. Unless I see something really bizarre, these are gonna be the only Teletubbies bootleg toys on this site.