Telebabies Marble Shooters

Okay, personally, I just don't like the Teletubbies. I watched them once with one of my nephews. To tell ya the truth, they gave me the creeps. But my nephew dug 'em. Why? I don't know. 
Anyways, my buddy Jorge sent me these toys straight outta Brazil. Now like I said, I don't like the Teletubbies. But I do like marble shooters. Here ya go....!!!


Well, there's no doubt the bootleggers have targeted the Teletubbies. There's even pics and whatnot of them on the card. Even the Telebabies logo resembles the Teletubbies logo. That's fine and dandy. I just like this marble shooter. 
The card this toy comes mounted on is your basice cheap and flimsy cardboard. The figure stands only three and a half inches tall. But that's plenty good enough for a marble shooter. Hey! The bootleggers were even kind enough to include a couple of marbles. Isn't that swell???

Four Teletubbies. Four Telebabies. Here are the other three in this bootleg toy series.


Now to insure that these really are bootleg toys. Well, here is the card back. The cardback features some character whose name slips my mind. The text looks to me like Japanese. 


Well, that's it for this toy series. There are a couple of other bootleg Teletubbie toy lines out there. But I passed on picking them up. As a matter of fact, where there used to be a bunch of Teletubbies bootleg toys, it's now just a trickle. I guess the Teletubbies craze has mostly passed. Thank God.
Hey! How about a shout out to my buddy Jorge who snagged these things for me? Thanks Jorge!!!