Hercules The Legendary Journeys Bootlegs

Here are three of my ten inch tall Hercules The Legendary Journeys bootleg figures. I really couldn't tell you what are the differences between the bootleg version and the real version of this toy line. So just check out the pics and enjoy.

First up is a pic of one of the figures on the card. The card features Kevin Sorbo firing an arrow at you while surrounded by flames. You really can't see him too well because the figure blocks him out.

Here are some relative close ups of the figures. There are two of Hercules and one of his pal Iolaus.


Now I may not know much about this line of toys, but I bet that the Hercules in the middle didn't come with orange boots and orange trunks.

The one thing that really gives these particular figures away as bootlegs is the eyes. Here are two examples of the paint jobs the bootleggers did on the eyes. The pupils of the eyes are not painted black. Also, Iolaus eyes are painted giving him a cross eyed appearance.


That's it for this particular line of bootleg toys. I don't know if there are any other ten inch Hercules bootlegs out there.

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