Terminator 2  3D

Here is are some more figures from Brazil. I have heard reports that this bootleg toy series has also shown up on the U.S. east coast. To date, no sign of these in California. 


Pictured above is John Connor. The one very cool thing about this figure is the motorcycle he comes with. If you are a customizer, this could be a very cheap way to pick up a motorcycle for your five inch figures. 
Lessee, the packaging is your typical inferior quality bootleg toy packaging consisting of a flimsy bubble. Like every other bootleg toy, there are no references to manufacturers or whatnot. 
The card measures 11" X 7". One cool thing the bootleggers did was include an insert identifying the figures. Not only that. The bootleggers actually matched the figure to the insert. 
The card back features six figures in this bootleg toy series. So far, I only have two in my collection. 


This is the John Connor figure. If the pic on the card back is accurate, then the "real" John Connor figure should have a blue jacket and blue pants. 
Man, I tell ya. I just love the fact that the bootleggers didn't cut costs and actually included the motorcycle that goes with this figure. 
I bet that jacked up their costs to make this figure. 

The other figure I have is Power Arm Terminator. Whoops! I mean, Power Arm Teminaor. No kidding. Just take a look at the pic. 
Not only that. This figure comes with a "grabbing clan" instead of a "grabbing claw". 
All the accessories that Arnold comes with are gray. 




This is actually a pretty cool bootleg toy series. I wonder what Arnold would think if he knew there were counterfeit toys of him out there? Ah well, if I ever snag anymore of these figures, I'll slap them up here as quick as I get them.