The Terminator Motorcycle
Huh? What the heck is this toy motorcycle doing on a bootleg toy page? It sure isn't a bootleg toy. Have I gone bonkers? 
Well, here is the name of this toy line. Thunderclap Warrior. There is a nice little silhouette of a biker doing a wheelie. Still, no reason for this toy to be on a bootleg toy site. Right?
Well, here is an image that is on the card. Whoa boy! Is that Arnold? And is Arnold wearing shades similar to the ones he wore in the movie The Terminator? 
I say yes! The picture is an obvious Terminator rip off. The bootleggers decided to put a pic of Arnold riding his bike on the card in order to get the unsuspecting buyer to think that maybe this is a Terminator toy. 

Or maybe the Terminator pic just happened to be laying around and somebody thought it would be cool to use it.