The Bug's Funny

This bootleg toy line is a semi rip off of A Bug's Life. The packaging and the figure itself bring A Bug's Life to mind when ya see them.

Above is a pic of part of the package. Lessee, that leaf, the text and hey! Isn't that Hopper?? I have no idea who those colorful insects on the right are. I suppose the bootleggers put them there to change the packaging enough so they wouldn't be sued. 

This front shot of the box features more artwork that should remind ya of A Bug's Life. Of course, the drawing of Flick to the right of the leaf shaped window is a little bit of a giveaway.



Ah, the back of the box. With more riped off artwork. Yup! That's Heimlich carring another bug on his back. 



Here are the two variations of the toy I have. This particular toy is the kind that has a button underneath the base of the stand. When ya push the button, the figure bends forward, backwards, sideways.....
Of course, this wouldn't be a bootleg toy if it worked right. The only direction I can get the figure to bend is backwards. 

Okay, okay. This toy really isn't very impressive. But I gotta give the bootleggers some credit for at least coming up with a different kind of toy. 
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