The Mask

I could have sworn I only had one bootleg set of figures from The Mask. But I was wrong. I dug up a couple more outta my garage while looking for some Beast Wars bootleg toys to take pics of. So here ya go! Three different sets of The Mask bootleg toys.

Below are the front and back of the card. As you can see, there are no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on the package. Now quite frankly, I don't even know if The Mask toy line featured two packs of characters. Does anybody know?
Based on the picture in the bottom left corner of the card back and the small pic on the bottom right corner of the front of the card (Behind The Mask), I would hazard a guess that the card is for the Heads Up Mask toy. 
The card these figures come on measures 11" X 8". Like most bootleg toys, the bubble on this card is extremely fragile and susceptible to crushing.


Here are close ups of the two figures. First, The Mask. Ya know, I am not even sure which Mask figure this is supposed to be. This Mask figure features a body that is half human and half robotic (including an arm that is one HUGE gun). 
Like the Mask figure, I have no idea who this figure is. Was he even a part of The Mask toy line? What I do know is that he comes with a couple of cheap looking plastic red rifles. Those yellow sticks in front of this guy are probably accessories that fit into The Mask's rifle arm. 


Added 5/30/2000
Here are two more bootleg two packs of The Mask. What are these figures names? Man, I don't know! Heck! These toys aren't even pictured on the back of the card these toys are mounted on.

Both of the figures in the picture below sport lousy paint jobs. The sherriffs badge on the cowboy is painted red like the figures shirt. 
The cowboy comes with a big yellow and blue gun. While the Ninja(?) comes with that red sword.


The wolf figure comes with a club and some spiked accessory that is attached to a handle. The Commando doesn't come with any accessories. Although I suppose that one of the two accessories in the package belongs to him.



Well, I don't know much about this particular toy line (and it shows too). So if anybody would like to give me a little hand.... 
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