The Terminator Figures

This line of bootleg toys were located in Singapore for me by my buddy BH. What are they? Terminator bootleg toys. Well, these toys are really more like figures that are based on some original molds of Arnold as The Terminator. 
Ya gotta see 'em to believe 'em


Here are three of the figures of Arnold. Each figure has Arnold armed with a weapon. These figures are really pretty outstanding just in the detail that was put into them. 
The paint jobs, the minute details on each of these figures is exceptional. 
Not only that. These figures are based on one of my favorite movie series. 



Of the four figures in the series, this is my favorite one. Arnold with his shades on and holding one HUGE weapon. Yow! 
This particular figure isn't balanced too well. That's a little clay on the bottom of his feet. If that clay weren't there, the figure would just tip right over. 
Anyways, these figures stand anywhere from three and a half inches to four inches in height. They are made out of hollow plastic. But not the really hard plastic. If ya really wanted to, you could squeeze these toys all day long. 



Here's a little surprise for ya. This is a wind up of the Terminator sans skin. The wind up toy stands about three inches tall. Like other wind up toys on this site, there is some great detailing on the toy.