Beast Wars Bootleg Toys
Here are some of the Beast Wars bootleg toys in my collection. Now ya gotta understand, for a while, these toys were all over the place. But lately, they have been pretty hard to find. 
Here we go.....!

Here are the toys in their packaging. There are two different cards for these bootleg toys. One card features Tigatron. While the second card is the Dinobot packaging. The toys on this page feature that Tigatron carded bootleg toys. 
Some of these figures come packaged in their beast mode. While others come in the robot mode. 
Per the usual routine, no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on the package.


Above is Terrorsaur on a Tigatron card. The bio specs and conversion instructions are for Tigatron. The bubble these toys are mounted under is really pretty fragile. What's that mean? Well, the bubbles can be crushed pretty easily.

Here is Terrorsaur. This figure is orange with splashes of green on his back. The figure measures about five inches long from the tip of his beak to the end of his tail.
Iguanus measures about five and a half inches long. He is colored dark brown with yellow, orange and green on his back.

Cheetor is the next Beast Wars toy in this line up. Cheetor's color scheme is pretty accurate for a bootleg toy. 
The figure is yellow and blue with black spots. This particular bootleg figure comes with red eyes. 
Cheetor is about five and a half inches long.


Tigatron is actually a figure from the Deluxe Beast Wars toy line. This figure is the one that actually belongs to the card all of these bootleg toys are mounted on. 
Tigatron is basically the same figure as Cheetor only with a different paint job. 
Like Cheetor, Tigatron measures in at five and a half inches in length.


Here is Razor Beast. This figure is colored pretty close to the real Razor Beast.


Rattrap is nowhere near the right colors. Well, except for the feet. The original Rattrap figure is more a brown and grey color.


These toys have been in my collection for a couple of years now. Once in a while they will pop up at a local swap meet or discount store. But for the most part, they are pretty hard to find nowadays.