Well, it was only a matter of time before a bootleg toy line came out that was made to capitalize on the Titanic movie. Well, okay, there is the Titanic-Bot Transformer toy. But that toy only ripped off the name Titanic. 
Take a look at this......

Now tell me that pic above doesn't scream "Rip Off" to you. The pic is a big time rip off from the movie. I think the pic is actually taken from the movie poster. Directly behind the figures is the Titanic with a bunch of roses beneath it. Getta load of the figures. Can you say Jack and Rose??
FYI, the card measures just over 11" X 8.5". The stand for the figures has "RMS Titanic" etched on it. 


Here's the Jack figure. Quite frankly, he looks pretty good for a bootleg toy. Jack stands six inches tall. The only articulation that this figure has is in the arms. 



I don't know what you think, but it looks to me like Rose was butchered by the bootleggers. Gawd, what did they do to her hair? And her face? I'd have to say that they didn't quite get Kate Winslow's lovely features.
The Rose figure stands just a shade under six inches in height. The only articulation she has is in her neck. 



The card back features plenty more pics stolen from the movie. But ya know, I think it actually looks pretty nice. 
Heh. I guess that T/F with the lightning bolt between it is the bootlegger's logo. 

All in all, this is one pretty cool bootleg toy. Considering what a hit the Titanic movie was, I am surprised that there weren't more toys that utilized pics and what not from the movie. 

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