Total Justice Bootleg Figures

This set of bootleg toy feature the DC comic book characters that were produced under the Total Justice toy line. In this particular set are six different Super Heroes. 
Take a look at the card. The front is almost exactly like the original toy package only slightly smaller. All the figures come on a Superman card. Per the usual bootlegger spec, there are no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on the package. 
Here is a little tidbit. I have found that whenever a bootleg toy line has pictures of the figures on the back. More than likely, all the pictured figures have been bootlegged. The card back of these toy features fourteen different Superheroes. While I only have six figures, I have no doubt that the other eight pictured on the card back were also bootlegged. 
As a matter of fact, some of the figures that I do not have are showing up as bootleg figures on a Flash card. 


First up is The Green Lantern. Check out his left arm. Hard to tell in the picture,  but the bootleggers missed a couple of spots on his left arm.
Next up is Batman. The back of Batman's cape is black. But for some reason, the bootleggers painted the inside of the cape red.


Robin. Truly a horrid creation. The paint job on Robin's face is just a mess. And getta load of the slop under his belt. 
What a mess poor Robin is.



Despero doesn't quite fit in the bubble. The bootleggers appear to only have one size bubble and it is too small to hold Despero.
He is probably the best looking figure in this series. Simply because there isn't too much that the bootleggers can do to mess him up.


This Fractal Armor Batman suffers from a pretty sloppy paint job. And the Bat Logo on his chest is actually kind of blurry.

I'm forming a posse to go and find the people who did this to Superman. So we can kick their ass!

Now all of these figures actually came with the correct accessories. Granted, the colors of most of the accessories were the wrong color. But at least they were complete. 
Now I am a big Super Hero nut. So finding these bootlegs was a complete thrill. To top it off, the fact that they are really pretty crummy looking bootlegs makes these a great addition to my collection.

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