Total Team

Woo Hoo! Another Batman bootleg toy! I swear, I just can't get enough of super hero bootleg toys. This one was found in Malaysia by my buddy Ee. 

Total Justice?? No! This is Total Team! Whataname! Yes, that Batman figure in the package was not a part of the Total Justice toy line. 


Yup! That's the artwork from Total Justice. But with a wee adjustment. Seems the bootleggers removed Aquaman from the picture. 
In the real artwork, Aquaman is above and slightly to the right of The Flash. 
They probably did this because the card is not as wide as the Total Justice packaging that they hijacked.

The Batman figure that ya see here is slightly larger than the "real" Batman figure that it is based on. 
This looks like the Val Kilmer version of the Dark Knight. 
Not only is the mold this figure was made with bigger than the "real" toy. But it also is heavier. What the heck did they pack inside of the figure? Lead?



Okay, here's the specs for this bootleg toy. Batman comes mounted on a card that measures 10.5" X 6.5". 
The back of the card is just plain old cardboard. Batman stands just under seven inches tall. That's pretty big for a bootleg toy on a card. He's also pretty heavy. The paint job on this figure is nice and crispy clean. No smudges or blothes anywhere. All in all, this is one pretty impressive bootleg toy. It sure does appear to have some great quality built into it. 
Are there other figures in this toy line? My guess would be YES! Will I ever get them? Well, all we can do is wait and see. Maybe this bootleg toy line will turn up here in the states. Or maybe Ee or one of my other friends around the world will spot them. Only time will tell.