Toy Biz 10 Inch Figures
Okay, here are six of the Toy Biz Ten Inch figure bootlegs I have. They are from a toy line called Spiderman Strange Transformations. There are seven figures in this line of bootleg toys. Now the thing about these bootlegs is that I have seen them in two different kinds of packaging. 
On one, the card is purple. The figures are carded in bubbles that more or less fit the figure. The card back has only one typo on it. Which is really pretty good for a bootleg toy. 
The other type of packaging features a blue card. No typos and the figures are packaged in a bubble that has indentations that I suppose are supposed to represent a web. 
The card backs of these two types of packaging are also different. All my bootlegs from this line feature the purple card. The lone exception is Peter Parker. 
As usual, there are no copyrights or manufacturer's name anywhere on the card. 
 Forge and Deadpool                       
Peter Parker
The only thing that gives away this as a bootleg is the lack of black around the mask's eyes. 
Birthmark Xena
Alien Costume Spidey
Clone Spider-Man
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