Toy Story Bootleg Toys

Well, Toy Story 2 has just hit the movie screens. So I guess it's only appropriate that some Toy Story bootlegs hit the streets now. To be honest with ya, I am not sure if this set of toys are actually new issues of bootleg toys or if these are bootleg toys that were released around the time of the original Toy Story movie and they are just making the rounds again. 
I know I didn't see these when the first Toy Story movie came out. 
Here are shots of one of the figures in its bootleg toy packaging:


Notice anything funny about the card? Well, nowhere on the card does it say Toy Story. 
Actually, the card is what's really bizarre about this bootleg toy series. There are three different cards. The one shown above. Another one that has the words Toy Story on the front and back of the card. Then there is the card that Buzz Lightyear is mounted on. His card also has the Toy Story logo on it. But in the bottom right corner on the back of the card, there is a bar code instead of that little white box pictured above.. 

There are four figures in this bootleg toy series. Two Woody figures and two Buzz Lightyear figures. 
The sticker on the bubble identifies this figure as Kicking Woody. But I think it is supposed to be Quick Draw Woody. 

Check out Woody's rope. It's a frigging piece of yarn. The bootleggers didn't hold back when making the accessories for this toy.


This is Kicking Woody. The paint job on his hands and face is a little different from the Quick Draw Woody. Kicking Woody is a little more pink in the face. 
Check out Woody's hat. Instead of a nice brown hat, Woody is sporting a plain yellow cowboy hat.
Shouldn't Woody's pants be a darker blue?



Here is Flying Buzz. He actually looks pretty good. Well, if ya don't mind the fact that the green parts of his space uniform are darker than the original toy. You also gotta overlook the missing paint job on his hands and the missing stickers on his body. But otherwise, he looks pretty good. 
I don't have the fourth figure yet. That figure is Karate Buzz. I'll be getting him pretty soon though. When I do get him, I'm just gonna sneak him on this page unannounced. 
So keep your eyes peeled for him.


All in all, there is really nothing special about this particular bootleg toy line. The figures look pretty close to the "real" figures. All the packaging is just as shoddy as most other bootleg toy lines. And as usual, there are no copyrights or trademarks. 

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