Toy Story 2 Bootleg Figures

Okay, these figures really aren't based on the Toy Story 2 figures. What they are though, are figures from the wave of Toy Story figures that came out between the two movies. But the bootleggers packaged these toys under the Toy Story 2 line. Check out the packaging...


That's Space Claw Buzz pictured above. But this Buzz isn't a part of the Toy Story 2 toy line. None of the seven figures pictured on the card back are based Toy Story 2 toys. 
There was a wave of Toy Story figures that came out a while ago in between the first movie and the second one. These figures are from that wave of toys. But the bootleggers needed a hook. Why just call these toy Toy Story toys when they could capitalize on the Latest Toy Story movie (and it's a good movie too) that is currently playing? 
As far as the packaging goes, the Toy Story 2 logo is right on. So is the shape of the card the toys come on. But the bootleggers added the pics of all the figures to the card (the hanger for the bootleg toy is different from the "real" toy hanger). The card itself measures about 12" X 7". 

Can anybody ID these figures for me? I looked all over for some reference material for this line of toys. But I coudn't find any. I know that these figures are Woody and Buzz Lightyear and a villian(?). What I don't know is what the name of the toy is supposed to be and if the colors are right. If ya can help me out, please email me by clicking HERE. Thanks!




This Buzz Lightyear figure comes with an additional three eyedAlien figure in a flying saucer. He also has a launcher that you fit the alien and saucer into so the alien can blast off. 


Buzz here comes with some wings that you mount on his back and a green stick. 


Who is this guy? He has no accessories. But his right hand in one big weapon.



This is Space Sheriff Woody. The bootleggers packaged him in the bubble at an angle. I'm not quite sure why. He would have fit even packaged straight up. 
Woody comes with a big gun and a couple of accessories that you can launch out of the gun.


This Woody figure cracks me up. He is just bizarre to look at. The only accessory that Woody comes with is that green star with wings. 



I am pretty sure that this is Big Blaster Buzz. This Buzz figure comes with wings and another huge gun. Buzz also has a couple of suction cup accessories that you can fire out of the gun. 

Okay, if anybody knows anything about this toy line, please, please give me a holler. I'm guessing that the paint jobs of the figures are wrong. The accessories are also probably the wrong color too. 
I gotta tell ya though, the paint jobs are actually pretty decent on most of these figures. The bootleggers were actually able to stay between the lines. If ya saw these toys on the shelf, you just might think that they were the real deal. 

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