Toy Story 2 
The Second Wave

Seems Toy Story 2 bootleg toys are out now. Unlike the other Toy Story 2 carded figures, these are actually based on the Toy Story 2 characters. Now my friend Jorge Lunz sent me a couple from Brazil. I also managed to find one (totally by accident) here in the states. 


Yup! That packaging above sure does look alot like the real deal, eh? Of course, there are problems with the packaging. First, the name of the toy line is partially hidden behind the bubble. Speaking of the bubble, it's rather fragile. And of course, there are no trademarks or copyrights. The five figures pictured in the upper half of the card back are the ones that have been bootlegged in this series. I only have three of them right now. 

This Shifty Shooting Prospector figure comes with the correct accessories. Well, the cannonball that should be attached to the pickaxe is missing. The hat and pick axe are the wrong colors. 
Also, the figure's beard, mustache and eyebrows are a very light beige color. The yellow bandana around the Prospector's neck has been left unpainted. The bootleggers left it a plain yellow color. 
Cyberhook Techno Gear Buzz Lightyear is the second figure I have. 
Like the Prospector, this guy's color scheme is not correct. Poor Buzz is missing some paint on his astronaut suit. 
Heh. Buzz' head isn't tightend down too well. If I shake the package, his head rotates a bit. I tired my darndest to get it turned around, but had no luck.


This particular Buzz figure must have been made by some different bootleggers. The card Buzz comes on is virtually identical to the one pictured above. Only there is no insert identifying the figure. 
The bubble the figure is mounted under haas been formed in such a way that there is no room for Buzz' helmet. Thus Buzz is helmetless. 
It looks like the bootleggers just threw in a couple of accessories with the figure. What Buzz will do with just a white pole and a grappling hook is limited only to the imagination.



So once again, I gotta give out my thanks to Jorge for scoring me the bootleg Toy Story 2 figures from Brazil. I have no idea if these are really being distributed in the US. I found only one here in So. Cal. Never seen anymore bootlegs from this particular series again.