Toy Story 2 Mini Figures

Getta loada these little bootleg figures...


There are four figures in this series. As you can see, they come in two packs. All four of the figures in the series are actually shown on the card art. Pretty cool, eh? 
Lessee, the Buzz Lightyear figures stand in at 3.5" in height. Woody is about 4.25" tall. The only accessory included is Woody's cowboy hat.
The card itself measures 8" X 5.5". The back of the card is plain old white cardboard.

Here are a couple of the bootleg Buzz Lightyear figures. To be honest with ya, the paint jobs are much more miserable than the pics show. 




Now what would you do if you were the bootleggers and you had four different figures to package? Well, the two pack is a good idea. But the natural follow up to this would be......


Here ya go!

Like the two packs, the only accessory you're gonna get is Woody's cowboy hat. Even then, could you really call the hat an accesory? After all, the hat is a natural part of the Woody character. 
Hmmm, ya know, when I watched the Toy Story movies, I kinda felt like Buzz Lightyear was a kindred spirit of mine. I wonder if ya can tell something about somebody by the characters they like?