Turbo Power

Here is another cheap Mexican Batman knock off toy. Just when ya thought it couldn't get any uglier down in Mexico, they come up with another awful Batman toy. 

If I remember right, this particular toy set cost me about a buck. The packaging screams Batman at ya. I suppose they call it Turbo Power because of the motorcycle pictured on the package.
Speaking of the package, it measures 11" X 8". The artwork on this flimsy card is all quite original. 


What do I get for a buck? Well, these two Batman toys. Both figures come painted very badly. 
The figure on the Honda has articulation only at the neck. While the 5" figure has no articulation at all. 




A little bonus in the package are these 2"-2.5" figures. Sure, they don't have much play value. But they sure are a heckuva lot nicer than the other figures that came in the package. 
I tell ya, while all the toys that came in this set are kinda crappy, they sure are fun to have. 
Just how many ways can ya maul a Batman figure? I think they are trying to find out in Mexico.