Turbo Rangers Cadets

Here is another Power Rangers knock off figure. This figure is made under the toy line of Turbo Rangers Cadets. 

Here is a picture of the figure:

I think this figure may have been made by the same toy company that made my Space Police figures. This Turbo Ranger Cadet comes with the same type of body as the Space Police Power Ranger. He also comes with the same type of holster for the gun accessory. This figure has a couple more accessories than the Space Police Power Ranger knock off figure. 
The Turbo Ranger Cadet stands about seven inches tall and has lots of articulation. 

Here is a pic of the back of the box. You can see that there are other figures in this series. I only have the yellow figure. Another thing, the figures pictured on the back have a white across their torso. Notice how the figures are posed in a Power Rangers like stance? 

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