UltraMan UltraHero Bootlegs

Here are some UltraMan bootleg toys from the Ultra Hero series. These figures come in boxes that are identical to the "real" toys. What's different? 
Well, the Bandai logo on the front of the box is missing. Check out the crummy paint jobs on the figures. Yuck! 
The artwork on the front and the pics on the back are not as sharp as the boxes from the real figures. They look like they may be copies of the original boxes. These figures are supposed to be vinyl. But these bootleg toys are made of plastic. Not only that, but these figures were not tied down anywhere in the box. They were just left to loose. So these poor figures were bouncing all over the place whenever they were handled. 
Now to be honest with ya, I am not a collector of UltraMan items. But when I saw these toys, I just knew I had to have them for this web site. Not only that, the price was definitely right. A buck each! 

Check them out!!! 

Ultra Seven
UltraMan Jack
UltraMan Great
That's it for this line of toys. I suppose that there are other bootlegs from this series somewhere 'cause the guy I bought them from said he had a few others but sold them a week earlier. 

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