Ultraman Marble Shooter

Here is a neat Ultraman bootleg toy. It's a marble shooter. There are three different figures in this series. 

Here is the backer card for the marble shooters. These toys are really pretty tiny. Which is great 'cuz they don't take up alot of room.  The card measures 4" X 3".
Oh, it says "glow in the dark" on the card. But there is no glow in the dark feature on these toys. 


All of these marble shooters measure about two inches tall. The paint jobs are actually pretty nice. 
Here is Ultraman Leo


This is Ultraman Zearth 
All the Ultraman marble shooters double as keychains. So in case you find yourself in a marble game, you will always have your marble shooter ready. 


Here is the last Ultraman marble shooter. This is Ultraman Dyna
Now I gotta tell ya. When I first got these toys, I thought that they were gonna be some lame ass thing that would barely be able to shoot the marble out of Ultraman's body. Boy, was I wrong. First time I tried to shoot a marble, I almost took out one of my cats eyes. This toy fires the marble like a freaking cannon. 


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