The Uncanny X-Men Bootleg Figures

Here are three bootleg X-Men figures. All three of these figures come on a Uncanny X-Men card. I have no idea how many figures are in this particular series. But I do know that the three I have are pretty freaking ugly. I'm not kidding! 
Maybe that's why I like them so much.


This is the card that the figures come on. Now it sure looks to me like the card was taken from the Uncanny X-Men toy line. 
The card measures about 10" X 7". The card back is just plain cardboard.


This first figure I think is supposed to be Banshee. But if it is Banshee, then I don't know what the heck happened to him. 
I got an email from somebody who suggested that this guy may actually be Sabertooth. Hmm, it could be. Waddaya think? (thanks NJW!)
I mean, the figure's face is a freaking mess. This pic does not do this particular figure justice.
This figure stands about six inches tall. Comes with the rifle you see in the pic.


Wolverine. And I tell ya right now. I sure wouldn't be afraid of this guy if I was a villain. 
Y'know, the more I look at this guy, the more I wonder what the bootleggers were thinking. I just don't understand it. And if ya think Wolvie looks bad, take a look at Forge...


Man, I hate to say it, but I think that Forge is probably the best figure of this trio of bootleg toys. 
His paint job at least is the right color. So what if there is no X logo anywhere on the figure? 
You can't see it, but Forge has a ponytail. 
That accessory that is included with Forge is actually an accessory that belongs to Sabretooth. The bootleggers kinda mixed it up. But then again, they probably didn't care what went where. 


Well. all in all, these are some seriously lame figures. To be honest with ya, I wish I had more. I have no idea how many figures were made in this bootleg series. But if anybody out there has some, I would love to hear from ya.