Space Power Warrior: Unmasked
Well here is a pic of Superman. Wouldn't you agree? As a matter of fact, this head mold of Superman is the same mold that was used in my Power Man bootleg toy and my "Real" Ultimate Superman figure. 
But if we take another look at Superman......
Ye Gads!!!! What is this? Surely this can't be Darth Vader unmasked, can it? The artwork on the card is the same as the Space Power Warrior elsewhere on this site. That is the Death Star pictured behind Superman/Darth Vader. What happened?
Well, it looks like the bootleggers had a little fun with this figure. They put Superman's head on Darth Vader's body. Was it a mix up? Or was it intentional? Aw, who cares. It's pretty funny either way you look at it.
As far as the actual figure goes, it is a little different from the "other" Space Power Warrior on this site. 
First, the card this figure is on is bigger. It measures a whopping 13" X 8.5". The card is considerably larger in order to accomodate the figure. Superman/Darth Vader stands about ten inches tall. The other Space Power Warrior is a dinky seven inches tall. Superman/Darth Vader also comes with a four inch long red light sabre. Two of the fingers (pointy finger and the middle finger)  on this figure's left hand are extended. I can't figure out why. 
Here are the two Sppace Power Warrior figures side by side. You can actually see Darth Vader's background image much better on the Superman/Darth Vader card. 
There's no doubt that these figures were made by the same manufacturer. 

This unmasked Space Power Warrior originated in Singapore. It also has been sighted in England. I wonder if it will show up here in the USA someday.
I'd to thank my friend Beng Huan for taking the time to pick up and ship this figure to me. Thanks BH!

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