Spider-Man Vampire Wars
This set of Spider-Man bootleg action figures was found in Brazil by my friend Jorge Lunz. Now out here, I don't see as many Spider-Man bootleg toys as I wish I did. Spidey is one of my favorite superheroes. These are your basic cheap bootleg action figures. But what I really like about these toys is the packaging. 


See that card the toy is mounted on? Well, that card measures a measly 9.5" X 6.5". Now that's puny! Most of the bootleg toys that I find come on cards that are considerably bigger. Like I told the Bootleg Toys Mailing List when I showed this to them a while back, I wish all my bootleg toys came on cards like this. Then I would have lots more room to store these toys. As usual, no trademarks or copyright info anywhere on the packaging. 
Based on the card back, I suspect that there are only four figures in this series. The four figures in the series are Anti-Vampire Spider-Man, Air Attack Spider-Man, Vampire Spider-Man and Blade, The Vampire Hunter. Come on, let's take a look at them!

This is Anti-Vampire Spider-Man. The wing accessories that came with this figure belong to Vampire Spider-Man. 
This figure along with all the others in this series are missing tons of accessories. But what can ya expect? The bubble these figures are mounted under don't offer much room to include accessories. 
Air Attack Spider-Man has orange arms. The black paint on his legs was applied without much concern about staying between the lines. 
The figure just barely fits into the bubble. 


The last figure I have in this series is my favorite. Blade. He is one ghastly looking figure. 
The bootleggers painted the arms of his jacket gray rather than black. This guy's boots are also gray. 
While ya can't tell in the picture, Blade's hair is black and brown. The brown parts are where the bootleggers didn't apply the black paint to his head. 
Blade comes packaged with his two double edged axes. 


This final figure in the series is Vampire Spider-Man. As you can see, the colors of Spider-Man's costume just isn't quite right. Light blue pants? 


This is one neat little bootleg toy set. The fact that the cards the toys are mounted on are much smaller than normal is one big plus in my book. Sure, the figures are your typical bootleg toys with lousy paint jobs and missing accessories. But who cares? These are a bootleg toy set that may or may not ever be seen in the U.S. Thanks again for the hook up with these toys Jorge!
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