Star Wars VS Two Packs
These are Star Wars figures bootlegs taken from the Shadow Of The Empire Two Packs. The backs of all the cards in this series are from the Bobba Fett VS IG-88 two pack. The likeness of the figures vaguely resembles the characters. Bobba Fett is right on. Probably because his face is covered with a helmet. I have several packages where the figures eyes are painted to look like they are cross eyed. On average, the figures stand a little over five inches tall. These are certainly not the best of any Star Wars figures bootlegs I have ever seen. 


 Lando VS Momaw Nadon 


Luke as Imperial Guard VS Bobba Fett


 Luke Skywalker VS Prince Xizor
Boush Leia and Han 


Han Solo and Dash Rendar
Chewbacca and a Tie Fighter Pilot
That's it!!! This is the complete set of Star Wars VS two packs. 
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