Water Game Batman
Here is a neat little Batman knock off toy. But first, take a look at the label.
Whazzat??? Did I say that this is a Batman toy? Where the heck is the reference to Batman on the packaging? Well, sadly there is none. Nada! Zip! Zilch! So this must not really be a Batman toy. 
But, if you take a look at the toy(s), waddaya see? 


Well, as you can see by the label pictured above, this toy is called Water Game. And you get two toys for the price of one!! Total cost for me? A buck! Whadda deal!!! 
The toys come in three different colors. Green, Pink and Orange. To play the game, there are two buttons on the sides of Batman's face. You push the buttons down and it forces air through the water moving around little hoops that you are supposed to make land on these little stands. But get this, the background of the game features some very unusual artwork. 

Yup! That's Batman featured in the artwork of this game. Two of these pics show a topless Batman (how does he keep that Bat logo on his chest?) that was obviously not taken from any Batman comic books. But the artwork on the left definitely is the Caped Crusader and the Robin, The Boy Wonder. 



Here is Batman crossing over with a Marvel Comics character: 

Well, it's supposed to be Batman and The Punisher. Again, the artwork isn't taken from any comic book art. But the bootleggers certainly must have a comic book collection laying around somewhere in order to get the ideas for these drawings. After all, there was a Batman/Punisher crossover a few years ago. 


But wait!!! There's more!!! 
How about Spiderman? That's right! Spider-Man is also featured in some of the artwork. Take a look.......... 


The art on the left features Spider-Man and the superhero Darkhawk. I am pretty sure that the artwork is taken from a comic book cover. Spider-Man and Darkhawk shown bursting through a wall. The picture on the right shows Topless Batman battling Spider-Man. Only thing is, Spider-Man's costume is colored red and green instead of red and blue. Yeah, I know, you can't tell that Spidey's costume is green. You are just gonna have to take my word for it. :-) 

While it's pretty obvious that most of the art featured on these toys is just poor imitation of the real deal. The bootleggers certainly had a reason for not taking the authentic comic book art and putting it on the toys. By changing some of the features of the characters (Batman shirtless, Spider-Man in a green costume), the bootleggers can now consider their toys different enough from the real toys that the copyrights are being infringed on. 
Of course, the art featuring Spidey and Darkhawk, and Batman and Robin are taken from the real deal so............ 


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