Web Of Steel Bootleg Toys

The bootleg toys on this page are from a 1994 line of Spider-Man toys called Web Of Steel. The original Web Of Steel figures measured about two inches tall. The figures also were made of die cast metal. Hence the name, Web Of Steel.
Here is a pic of the front and back of the package:


Now the card these figures come on measures 10" X 7". As you can see on the card back, there are four two packs in this bootleg toy series. The card art on the front of the card appears to be the same as the "real" card art. The bootleggers did add more pics of the figures to the front of the card. 
As usual, no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on the packaging. But hey! There are a couple of typos on the package. I suppose the AA that is plastered on the card could be the manufacturers logo.

Here are the figures:

Spider-Man and Venom. Spidey: 

Spider-Man and Carnage: 

Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus: 

The fourth two pack featuring Spidey and The Hobgoblin is buried somewhere in my garage. When I manage to dig it up, I'll slap the pic on this page. Y'know, it's a shame that a bootleg figure of The Kingpin wasn't made. He used to be one of my favorite baddies. 
Unlike the real figures, this set of bootleg toys is made of plastic. The articulation on all of these toys is only at the arms and waist. The figures range in height from about three inches to just over four and a half inches. 
The figures themselves are packaged under the bubble. The originals actually came with a "Special Collector Stand" that is obviously missing from the bootleg set.
The paint job on Doc Ock is waaaay off. And for some reason, Carnage is more black than red. Other than those small complaints, this a pretty acceptable bootleg toy. Any unaware parent couldn't be blamed for thinking that this is a "real" set of toys. 

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