Wrestling Federation Keychains

Okay, first off, there is this bootleg wrestling toy line out there called Wrestling Federation. I've snagged a few of these figures but haven't really posted them to this site yet.The Wrestling Federation toy line features figures in single packs, dual packs, triple packs and even comes in boxed sets with a wrestling wring <--- get it? wring? ring? a little, okay, very little bootleg toy humor there. The following is one of the latest incarnations of Wrestling Federation toy line figures.


There are at least fifteen different wrestlering figures that come with a keychain drilled into their heads. Now I wasn't about to buy all the different figures. So I snagged three of them for you to take a peek at. Here ya go!



Now believe it or not, when I remember, I actually tune in and watch an occasional WWF show on the TV. While alot of people think it's garbage, to me, it can actually be kinda entertaining. So anyways, the only wrestler I recognized from the three above is Kane. He's the figure on the right. The other two remain a mystery to me.
The figures each stand about four and a half, five inches tall. Except for the lack of articulation at the hip, these figures are pretty much identical to their seven inch counterparts. The only drawback to these keychain figures is that ya get no accessories to go along with them.