Wrestling Figures

Okay, these toys are here thanks to Linda Butler who spotted these horrible little things and sent them to me.What are they? Why, they are two inch tall wrestling figures that are based on real wrestlers.

Here is the card art for the figures. It features two generic wrestlers grappling. I love that little flexing arm that is pictured on the card. What's that all about?


Now these figures come all bunched up in a plastic bag. There are nine wrestlers in each bag. Not a bad deal for a buck.



Now I gotta tell ya, I never would have guessed that these figures are based on real wrestlers. Apparently the molds for these figures is based on an old Hasbro line of wrestling figures. None of these particular figures have any articulation. And these figures cannot stand up. I took the pics of these toys while they are on their backs.
This pic features (left to right) 
Brutus "The Beefcake" Barber, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggin. 


Here is "Macho King" Randy Savage and "Narcissist" Lex Luger.


Here are two "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka figures. Something went terribly wrong with the figure on the right. 
You'd think for a buck a pack, the bootleggers would make the darn things right. 


Here are some of the same wrestlers as pictured above. Only this time, they come in a nice yellow and pink color.
Now these particular figures have never made it to So. Cal. And even if they did, I would not have recognized them as bootleg toys of wrestling figures. There are just so many different generic plastic figures (army soldiers, civil war soldiers, astronauts, indian...) that I would have placed these guys in the same category.
Now if I were one of the wrestlers that these figures are based on, I would be pissed. These guys are supposed to be big old Manly Man type guys. And what do the bootleggeers do? They make the figures in such wussy colors. 
Let's give a big bootleg thanks to Linda for fixing me up with them. 

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