WWF Bootleg Figures

Here is a brand new bootleg toy series featuring molds from one of the WWF wrestling toy lines. Don't ask me which toy line cuz I just don't know. 

Take a look at the card:

The figure is Mankind. The packaging features a bit of a WCW look. 

Okay, this guy at first, looked to me like a lousy Hulk Hogan. But I was wrong, This is Billy Gunn. The gear he usually wears is green, not blue. 
Don'tcha just dig the tan he got on his upper torso only?


One of my favorite wrestlers, The Undertaker. Only this was before he had his tattoos put on his arms. 
Yeah, right. The bootleggers missed that. 
The Undertaker also sports that two tone look on his upper body.


The only wrestler I liked that painted his face was the Ultimate Warrior. For some reason, Kane just doesn't work for me. Kane is supposed to be wearing a mask, but the bootleggers just painted his face red and black.
But he's a good guy. So ya can't really complain about him. 
Kane doesn't look too bad for a bootleg figure.


Edge has gotta quit drinking that coffee. It gives his eyes that wired look. 
What? Did the bootleggers only have one color for a torso? 


Gangrel is sporting a nice light blue shirt today. Not the regular white shirt he is often seen in. 


Here is Mankind in a rather decent looking bootleg figure. There are some minor snags with the paint job. But it's hard to see them in the pic. 


Well, the bootleggers really messed up Steve Austin. This guy looks nothing like the Six Million Dollar Man. 
Oh. This figure isn't THAT Steve Austin. Sorry. 
This is actually a very nice rendition of Steve in his SCU shirt.


Okay, I confess. I am not much of a wrestling figure collector. I recognized a couple of these figures,but not all of them. I had some help identifying them from a couple  wrestling fans. Gotta give some props to Teabunny and Dave Crane for the assist in naming these figures. 
Okay, I know some of ya are coming here from a link on Wrestleworld.com. Now these figures have probably whetted your appetite. So here is a link to a page that I haven't completed yet. It has some other WWF bootleg figures on it. But the thing is, these figures have been produced on a much smaller scale. Also, if ya look at the first picture, you'll also see a hint of a third bootleg WWF series. Just click HERE to scope 'em out.