X-Men Bootleg Figures

On this page are the second wave of bootleg X-Men figures based on the ToyBiz molds. Like the Space Team bootleg X-Men toy line, the figures are packaged on a card that features the ToyBiz artwork of Wolverine attacking with his claws extended. 


Above is a shot of the front and back of the card. The card backs feature what I believe are the four waves of bootleg X-Men figures based on the ToyBiz molds. So far, I have managed to collect three of the four waves. Included on the card back are drawings and a brief bio of all the figures in this wave. I am pretty sure that the text of the bios has been hijacked from the original toy cards. Naturally, there are quite a few typos. Missing from the packaging are any trademarks or manufacturer's names. 
The third picture from the top is the Space Team wave. The figures on this page are shown in the second picture from the top. 


Here is Senyaka with his "whip cracking action". The accessories include a black whip and a red thingamabob. 
The original figure sports a dark purple and darker red paint job.

The X-Cutioner. This figure comes with two weapons (one is the battle staff) and a hood. The hood is black with a sky blue facemask.
Of the figures in this series, the X-Cutioner sports the worst detail job on the face. 


Here is Sunfire. Get a load of his orange and brown costume. I could've sworn his costume is red in the comic books. 
Sunfire comes with a pale yellow armor and his shield is the same silver as seen on Sunfire's costume.


The last figure I currently have in this series is Wolverine Fang with Shi'Ar weapon.
Wolverine comes with three silver blades that he can use when you activate his "Super Slashing Claw Action". And if ya believe that the action features that any of these figures is supposed to have work, then I suggest that you think again., 
Note the inconsistent colors on this figure? The orange is darker on some areas of the figure than on other areas.