X Men 2099 Bootleg Toys

Okay, here is a set of X-Men toys that I know absolutely nothing about. So here's what I am gonna do. I'm gonna post the pics and hope that somebody out there can feed me a little info about them. How's that sound?

Here is a pic of the front and back of the package. The card measures 12" X 7". The card back features a pic of all the figures in this bootleg toy series. There is also a drawing of each character and a description of their "action" feature.



This is Metalhead. I think that his paint job is slightly off. His gold half should be a much brighter color. 
The figure comes with a two piece black gun.

Bloodhawk here. Bloodhawk is a nice bright orange. His wings are the same color. But I think that Bloodhawk's wings should be more a purplish color. This figure comes with two orange accessories that I have no idea what they are. One is a small square shield like object. The other is an orange strip of plastic about 1.5" long.


La Lunatica. The figure pictured on the back of the package has a silver body and hair. So I guess the bootleggers took a little liberty with this figure. 
This figure comes with the same orange strip that Bloodhawk has. Also a gray blade like object and a small orange thing that is shaped like a carrot. 


Here is Brimstone Love. His cape and horns are orange. The body is all blue. This guy comes with the same carrot that La Lunatica has. The second accessory for this figure is an orange blade.


The final figure in this bootleg series is called Junkpile. His legs and forearms are gray. Part of his stomach area, legs and shoulders are a soft green. This figure comes with four gray accessories that don't appear to be weapons. They may be some kind of armor for the figure.



Y'know, I was pretty hesitant to post these toys to my site. I didn't do any research on them simply because I don't have the time right now. And if I didn't post them now, they might never make it here. So if anybody knows anything about this toy line or can direct me to a site with info about X-Men 2099 toys, send me an EMAIL.