X Men Monster Armor
The X Men. My favorite comic book when I was growing up. Okay, actually during my late teens. Next to Batman, these characters are my favorite to find bootleg toys of. Fortunately, I was able to score these for my collection (Thanks Kris Leong!). 
This series of bootleg toys is from the X Men toy line called Monster Armor. Now, I gotta admit that I don't have the "real" toys myself. So I cannot tell you exactly what the differences are between the "real" toys and these bootleg toys. But I can tell you this: These are neat!!!! 
Here we go...........!!! 

This is the card that the figures come on. The card measures 12" X 7.5'.The bubble these figures are mounted on is very fragile. There is a cheesy drawing of Wolverine featured on the card art. 
The back of the card features pics of five characters from this toy line. I only have three of them. So there may be two more in this series. Maybe someday I will get lucky enought to get them and show you. 
As usual, no trademarks, copyrights or anything to identify this as an authentic toy. 

X Men Monster Armor Bootleg On A Card                   X Men Monster Armor Bootleg On A Card

Here are close up pics of the three figures from this series of bootlegs that I have. The figures I have are Cyclops, Mr. Sinister and Mystique. This series of bootleg toys features my first bootlegs of Mr. Sinister and Mystique. Whooo Hoo! 


It's hard to tell in the picture, but Cyclops visor is painted green. His upper torso and arms are a darker shade of blue than the blue his legs are colored. Cyclop's accessories are painted brown. The fingers and toes of his armor are painted the same green as Cyclops visor. 

This is Mystique. This villianess is somehow related to the X Men's Nightcrawler. I thik of the figures I have, she is colored the most accurate. Well, except for her brown hair. Isn't Mystique supposed to be a red head? 
Her armor looks like it might come close to the right colors. But like Cyclop's armor, any part of the armor that isn't blue is painted green. I think the "real" figure is painted blue and yellow. 

Mr. Sinister

Here is Mr. Sinister. He is one of the original X Men villians. In the X Men stories, he is one of my least favorite villians.Everything about this figure looks pretty accurate. But I am pretty sure that his armor is supposed to be a nice silver color. This bootleg figure comes with armor that is colored grey. 
Y'know, most bootleg figures usually feature some really poor paint jobs. But what the bootleggers did with this series is really pretty good. Alot of times the faces are done really poorly. But the faces on these figures is really very good.