X Super Heroes
Here are some unusual X Men knock off toys. This line of toys is called X Super Heroes. 
This particular toy line features four of the X Men characters. Wolverine, Cyclops, Iceman and Wolverine. Personally, I like the Cable toy the best simply because I have never seen Cable bootlegged before. 
The artwork on this card has the four X Men in this line of toys riding a skateboard at you. Why are they riding skateboards? Well, because these toys feature the X Men on skateboards .By the way, the drawings of the X Men are really kind of crappy. But there is no doubting who the characters are supposed to be. 
Now these toys stand about four inches tall. The skateboards are almost six inches long. Each X Man is riding a different colored skateboard. The skateboard itself is one of those pull back toys that you "Pull back" and then let go so it rolls forward. Each skateboard has a gun positioned on the front of the board. Located on the back of the skateboard are six projectiles that you can fire out of the gun. Again, each X Man has his own colored gun and weapons. The thing that bothers me about these toys is that the figures look like they don't have any articulation (Especially Iceman). So how are they supposed to fire their guns? There are also two more weapons located on the card in front of Wolverine. 
Personally, I really like this line of X Men toys. Simply because they are not your standard action figure. I mean, come on, the X Men riding skateboards?? That is just too cool!!! 

Here is a view of the toy on its card. The back of the card is just plain cardboard. 

Here are Iceman and Wolverine: 
Cyclops and Cable: