X Team
This series of bootleg X Men toys are from a line of toys called X Team. The figures are taken from the Toy Biz line of bootleg toys, only these particular figures are on a slightly larger scale. There are four X Men featured in this series. 
Here is a pic of the label. As you can see, the label has an X Men like feel to it. 


Below are pics of the four figures in this series. The four figures are Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine and Iceman. 

All of these figures stand slightly over six inches tall. The paint jobs are okay. Well, except for Iceman. He has no paint job. Now something I have never understood is why the bootleggers insist on packing heat with the figures that they produce. Cyclops, Wolverine and Iceman all are packaged with weapons. Storm's accessories are lightning bolts.