Okay, here is the deal with this Zorro figure. First let me explain. I have this five and a half inch Zorro figure in some other packaging. I will post it as soon as I can dig it up out of my garage. Zorro also comes in a ten inch figure. I will also post that later.
This Zorro figure I found just recently. I didn't notice right away, but the artwork on the card is exactly like the Playmates Zorro artwork. Boy, it didn't take long for the bootleggers to get the artwork for this package on a figure.
This figure is called "El Latigo Negro". For you non Spanish speakers, it means The Black Whip. In typical bootlegger fashion, they have managed to give this Zorro a brown whip. His cape is made of cloth. This figure tends to fall apart real easy. The quality of this figure is really very poor. But it does look great on the card.
I have never been able to figure out which figure that this mold was taken from. So if anybody has any idea, please let me know.
I will put the other Zorro bootlegs I have on different packaging (and different accessories) on this page real soon.


Here is the figure along with the Playmates Toys package. You can see that the artwork has been ripped off from the Playmates packaging.

This is a close up of the figure. I'll try to get a better pic of this later in order to show more detail. Does anybody have any idea where the mold for the figure came from? He only has articulation at the elbows, shoulders and the legs.

Now here are the Zorro bootlegs in their original packaging. I guess the bootlegger's were pretty excited when Playmates released their version of Zorro. Now they had better artwork to use than this ugly artwork.
Anybody have any guesses where the mold for the ten inch Zorro came from??



Above is a two pack with a five and a half inch and a ten inch Zorro. Both figures come with a cape that is made of hard plastic. They also come witha nice hat that is also made of hard plastic. The sole accessory is a sword.


These are the two different five inch versions of Zorro. The only difference between these two figures is the color of the cape and the color of the bandanna around the hat. One is colored red, the other bandanna is colored silver.

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