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Started back in 1998, inspired by the original Bootleg Toy Site, The Island of Bootleg Toys. The Island is gone. Undiscovered Playthings slipped away in 2005. The site was relaunched Dec. 23 2008. We’re in blog form now.

There are hundreds of pics of bootleg toys. Many never to be seen anywhere ever again except for here. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You may want to tear your eyes out after looking through the toys displayed on this site.


Good Plastic Gone Bad

Bootleg Toys The Undiscovered Playthings. The largest collection of bootleg toys and action figures on the net.


Latest Blog

Batman Bootleg Toys

Without a doubt, Batman is the character that I have the most fun collecting. There are just so many different versions of Batman.

Superheroic Man

Anyways, back to Superheroic Man. Or is it Superheroicman? The top of the card makes sure you know the name of the figure you are buying.

Transformers Bootleg Toys

There are so many Transformers bootlegs and other Transformers-like toys, that I feel I should put up a few for all of the world to see.


Spader-Man. That’s the name of this bootleg set of Spider-Man figures. A five piece set of Spider-Man bootleg figures.

There are hundreds of bootleg toys

Check it out here!