Uncovering the World of Bootleg Sports Toys: Popularity, Profits, and Pitfalls

bootleg sports toys

The sports merchandise industry is an $80-billion dollar business, yet beneath its surface lies a secret world of bootleg sports toys. Consumers may find these counterfeit items appealing due to price, availability and marketing considerations; however their presence raises legal and ethical issues that need to be considered when selling such counterfeit products in markets. […]

Batman Bootleg Toys

Without a doubt, Batman is the character that I have the most fun collecting. There are just so many different versions of Batman.

Superheroic Man

Anyways, back to Superheroic Man. Or is it Superheroicman? The top of the card makes sure you know the name of the figure you are buying.

Transformers Bootleg Toys

There are so many Transformers bootlegs and other Transformers-like toys, that I feel I should put up a few for all of the world to see.


Spader-Man. That’s the name of this bootleg set of Spider-Man figures. A five piece set of Spider-Man bootleg figures.

Girls Power Dolls

Here on this page are pics of some Spice Girls knock off dolls from a line of dolls called Girls Power.

Anything For A Buck

Once in a while though, I come across something that makes me shudder. What’s pictured below makes me realize just how far some people will go to make a buck.

Star Knight… Bad Jedi Gone Good?

Certainly, this is a bootleg toy classic and it’s always good for a chuckle. Below are a couple of more shots of the Star Knight. Enjoy!

Star Wars Bootlegs

There are plenty of bootleg Star Wars toys and products out there. Here are some of the toys I have. Enjoy!