Robert Cop 3
Here he is ladies and gents! Not that feared crimefighter RoboCop. But his bootleg brother, Robert Cop 3. 
Check out the pic.
Yes, you read it right, Robert Cop 3. 
Now it's pretty obvious why the bootleggers named him Robert Cop. To avoid any trademark infringement. Who cares that the pic on the package is a shot of RoboCop bursting through a wall. 
Here's the scoop on this figure: 
RobertCop 3 stands about 11.5" tall. He is made of a hollow plastic. Actually, he feels almost like rubber. 
Robert Cop 3's gun is molded to his right hand. 
This figure has articulation at the head, shoulders, waist, upper part of his legs and his knees. 
Written on the sides of Robert Cop 3's helmet and on one of his thighs is "OCP Police 001. 
The flesh part of his face is painted very well. You can almost see him telling you to halt. 


Here is a shot of the back the box of Robert Cop 3. 
It's the same photo as seen on the front of the box. But it looks really cool enlarged. 
Now I have seen this same figure packaged exactly as this one only the toy was called RoboCop 2. It was also a bootleg toy. 
I gotta tell ya, I love this toy! Not only is it a RoboCop bootleg, but there is something that is just perfect about the name that the bootleggers picked to call this toy. 
I mean, Robert Cop 3? Who are they trying to fool?