Girls Power Dolls

Here on this page are pics of some Spice Girls knock off dolls from a line of dolls called Girls Power.

Here on this page are pics of some Spice Girls knock off dolls from a line of dolls called Girls Power.
Now I grew up with six sisters and I tell ya, these have got to be some of the ugliest dolls I have ever seen. Whoa Boy!!
Now first let me explain to you that these dolls vaguely resemble the Spice Girls. Only the packaging gives away the fact that the Spice Girls have been ripped off.
Get Ready………………

Prepare yourself……….

Check your insurance policy to see if it covers the cost for a seeing eye dog. You may go blind when you see these dolls.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…………..

Here we go…………..!!!

Remember, these are supposed to be The Spice Girls………..


Pretty ugly huh?

Okay, let’s look at the boxes these dolls come in.
First up is a doll that is supposed to be Ginger Spice. Also known as Geri.

This doll comes in a nice pink box. There are pictures of the Spice Girls surrounding the clear plastic window that allows you to view the doll.

Okay, the pic isn’t too good. But there is more to come.
This doll stands about fourteen inches tall and is three inches wide at the shoulders. If you stood her next to a Barbie doll, she would tower over Barbie. I’ll go over more details after the next few pictures.

Here is the back of the package. I wonder where the makers of this doll got the picture from?

These next three dolls are also from the same Girl Power line. I am pretty sure there are four dolls in this series. But currently I only have three of them. Hey, these dolls are kind of expensive. You’ll see why too.

Here is one of the Girls Power dolls in her box. The packaging is different from the package pictured above. The box measures 17″ X 12″. It is pretty big. The doll comes in a nice little dress. There are also two change of clothes for the doll. One outfit is supposed to be a formal gown. The other is a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt. The dolls come barefoot. But no need to worry, there is a pair of high heeled shoes included in the box.

Notice how the word singing is written across the top left portion of the box? Well, there is a little yellow sticker that says “Try Me”. A hole in the clear plastic window allows you to push a button on the dolls belly. When you push this button, the Spice Girls song, Wannabee, starts to play. And the song doesn’t play for only a few seconds. The song goes on and on for over a minure. Whew! Not only that, there is no volume control on the doll, so you have to put up with this LOUD song the whole time it is playing. What powers this doll? Two AA batteries.

Here are some close up shots of these dolls:



Well, that is it for these dolls. If I ever pick up the fourth one, I will be sure to post it.

Y’know, I knock these dolls for being so ugly, but I gotta tell ya, I sent these to other collectors and they just loved them!!! I mean, they are sooooo bad, they are good. Heck! Even I get a kick out of them. I hope you did too.