The Bootleg Toys Links

 The number of toy lines and characters that have been bootlegged is incredible. This page will link you to many of the known bootleg toys. Just click on the name to go to the toy line you would like to see. 

These toys are part of my old site. Follow the BLOG link down below to find more recent reviews of bootleg toys.

PLEASE NOTE: All the toys pictured on my site are a part of my own personal collection. THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE! 
This site is intended to show toy collectors what kind of bootleg toys are out there. Some of these toys actually have quite a bit of humor quality behind them. Other toys are just plain old pieces of garbage that have no reason to exist except to endanger small children. 
I DO NOT condone the manufacture, distibution or sale of these toys. I only collect them. 


Buffy The Vampire

Planet Of The Apes